Don’t date someone just because they make you feel attractive, don’t date someone because you are lonely, don’t date someone because you want to change your relationship status on facebook. Don’t date someone to one up your ex.
Date someone because they fucking make you happy. Date them because you feel a paralyzing voltage when they kiss you. Date someone because they give you a reason to fall asleep with a smile on your face.

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Real pixies are oh so genuinely disarming. Be still my heart.

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Her Song on the Beach
by Arcade Fire


ugh my heart

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Observation: girls I go for, go for guys that look like Russell Brand, and not even a sobered up Russell Brand, like a really dirty coked out Russell Brand.

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ignis-avem asked: Ooh bravo :D In need of an Irene anytime soon?

i am submissive….

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Hide the pain away~

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Fuck me this is the cutest fucking duck video I’ve ever fucking seen in my whole fucking life it’s a huge fucking deal

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when someone insults your favourite tv show image

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